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Never Quit On Your Dreams ALBUM Release Date Announcement

FINALLY!!!!! have a release date for my album!!!! Never Quit On Your Dreams will be released Friday, March 26, 2021, which is national "make your own holiday" day, so this will officially be coined BiG Bailey Day . If you would like an early sneak peak listen to the album, let me know in the comments or inbox.

My main goal with this album was to feature as many artists and producers I respected as possible, and I thank you all for working with me, together we will achieve greatness!!! Big Thank You's to all involved: Cover Design- Dorian Harris ,Producers- Aubrey Pompey, Matt Fulmer, Antonio Thomas, Allen Pough, RicandThadeus Music, Tamell Bailey. Featured artists: Wright Godbrotha Trav, CW Comer children, Joshify & Victory, Lolita M Pierre, Sa Jules, Rosa Jean Vinson, Ron Cato, Matt Fulmer, DeMarcus Wright, Bugsy Calhoun, Zo Dready, Whitney Barnwell, J Marley Stroz, CW Comer

THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS and FANS for pushing me to get this album together and thank you for liking and sharing this post!!!

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